5 Last Minute Oscar Party Tips

Ready for your Oscar party tomorrow night? If not don’t worry, I have you covered. Here are a few tips to keep things simple without sacrificing any of the Oscar glamour.

Break Out the Bubbly

You can never go wrong with champagne and the Oscars is a fitting occasion to indulge in a bottle of your favorite bubbly! It’s an easy way to add a touch of class to your gathering and ensures you don’t miss any of the red carpet action mixing drinks.

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Think Big

If mixed drinks are more your style, however, I recommend going with a big batch cocktail. Making it ahead of time lets you show off your mixology skills and be free of distractions. Click here for a few crowd-sized cocktail recipes from Martha Stewart that complement your elegant gathering.

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Dress Code

If you’re going all-out for your party, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to dress up. Oscar parties are a perfect opportunity to pull out that gold dress from the back of your closet that you have never had the chance to show off. If you are planning on implementing a dress code always be sure to make it clear in advance.

The Ballot

The ballot is an essential part of any Oscar party. Use this free printable 2017 Oscar Ballot and have guests vote on this year’s winners. And don’t forget the prizes! These mini bottles of champagne are adorable and make a perfect gift for the winners.

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Don’t Forget Decor

A simple black and gold color scheme with a few elegant accessories, like this vintage inspired bar cartconveys the old Hollywood glamour that Oscar parties are really all about.

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